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are we there yet? (7-16-2013)

Scavenger Hunt
I Didn't Get My Note Signed
When Grandma Says No
It's A Great Big World
I'm Not Sleeping In ('Cuz It's Saturday)
Homework Blues Stomp
My Principal Rocks
It's Raining Again
You Can Write A Song
All Grown Up

"are we there yet?"

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A Family Album (2009)

wake up
we had to go home
complimentary love
be part of the band
when one became two
only one of you
worrisome one
go to sleep now

"A Family Album"
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Villains (budget cd) (1996)
barely (if at all)
drive you mild
Reverend Girl
Cup of Tea
the freshmen
ominous man
penny is poison


limited graphics - no booklet included
" Villains " $10.00

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Pop Smear (1993)
Pop Smear (1993).
pretty for you
spoonful of sugar

the river

sleepy town
bullies on vacation
what you wanted
wanna be
out like a lamb
senator speak
is it worth it?

"Pop Smear" $10.00

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I've Suffered a Head Injury (1992)
I've Suffered a Head Injury (1992).

ark of the envious
even the score
acting as your slave
i've suffered a head injury
clean break
martyr material

"I've Suffered a Head Injury" $8.00
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The Verve Pipe:
A homemade Holiday

Freshmen 5 CD.

Silent Night
Joy To The World
This Christmas Time(original)
Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

A homemade Hoiliday CD $5.00
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